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New Staff

Photo by Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

Tierney Lorenz, Ph.D.

Tierney Lorenz is the CTRD postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Julia Heiman.

Tierney has studied the bi-directional relationship between sexual behaviors and symptoms of mood disorders. Her predoctoral work included psychophysiological studies of antidepressant use, sympathetic nervous system activity and genital arousal, clinical trials of behavior and writing-based therapies to improve sexual wellbeing in women with mood disorders, and cross-sectional studies of frequency of sexual activity and immunologic markers in men and women with and without mood disorders.

Her post-doctoral research examines how the presence or absence of sexual activity may influence immune response in healthy human females across the menstrual cycle, and if men and women differ in immune response to partnered sexual activity. Read about her current study in this newsletter.

Krista Milich, Ph.D.

Krista Milich is a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. Krista is a biological anthropologist with a focus on primate reproductive ecology.  

Dr. Milich examines how environmental factors impact sexual strategies and reproductive physiology.  Her research has focused on the effect of social and ecological conditions on behaviors and hormone concentrations in populations of nonhuman primates, including the red colobus monkeys of Kibale National Park, Uganda, and rhesus macaques on the island of Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico.

Krista is also part of several collaborative projects on understanding sexual conflict in primates and human sexual plasticity.  

At The Kinsey Institute, she will be working with Dr. Virginia Vitzhthum to apply the same reproductive ecology concepts to populations of women living in different environments.  This year, she'll travel to Greenland to examine how changes in photoperiod (daylight) affect the hormone profiles of Greenlandic women.

Gene McClain

Gene McClain is our new Accounting Associate. After 56 years of full-time work, Gene is glad to be lending his expertise to helping The Kinsey Institute maintain financial health and well-being! He held several positions at Indiana University, including Director of Financial Analysis for the Kelley School of Business at IU, Financial Officer for the Malaysia Cooperative Program, and most recently, as Director of Business Affairs and Budget at the IU School of Education.

Gene also served as an Army Helicopter Pilot, flying missions in Vietnam. He was an instructor pilot in Iran, where he was evacuated during the revolution, and then worked in Saudi Arabia, where he trained civil defense pilots and fire-fighting rescue missions.

Gene moved to Bloomington when he was 40 years old to attend IU and received his MBA in 1985.

In his free time, he plays classical guitar with the Bloomington Classical Guitar ensemble and works out at Bloomington Cross Fit (where he can do a 330 lb deadlift!). Welcome, Gene.


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