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New Moms Needed for fMRI Research Study II

Have you felt sad or overwhelmed? Been unable to eat or sleep normally? Felt angry or irritable? Or had scary thoughts?

If so, you may be eligible for a study examining brain activity in post partum women. We are looking for women with infants aged 3-6 months.

Participants will be asked to view emotionally arousing stimuli while in an fMRI scanner. Participants will also be asked to provide two saliva and two urine samples. Participants may also be asked to take a placebo or active nasal spray of a drug. We may also ask you to monitor your sleep habits for two weeks preceding the test session. Participants will be asked to answer questions about :

  1. demographics
  2. IQ,
  3. health, including alcohol and drug use
  4. menstrual cycle
  5. motherhood
  6. relationship
  7. sexual behavior.

We will also ask to take four saliva samples from the infant and monitor their behavior.

The anticipated time commitment for participation is approximately 2 hours. Monetary compensation is provided for time spent participating in the study and childcare is provided.

If you are female, heterosexual, between the ages 20 and 40, not using hormonal birth control, currently in a committed relationship, not pregnant, have a child aged 3-6 months, and primarily breast-feed your infant, you may be eligible for this study. It is also required that you are using a reliable non-hormonal method of birth control, such as condoms or a diaphragm.

If you would like more information about this study, please contact Christine White at (812) 856-1926 or, at The Kinsey Institute. The research is conducted at the Indiana University Department of Psychology."


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