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Reiss, Ira L. National Opinion Research Center, Amalgam Survey, SRS 160 (1963)

"The National Opinion Research Center, in June l963, carried out their Amalgam Survey, SRS 160, and my questions on sexual attitudes were part of that survey. A full analysis of these data can be found in my book The Social Context of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc., 1967). An analysis of the further testing of my 'Autonomy Theory of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness' and of the 'Reiss Premarital Sexual Permissiveness Scales' can be found in Contemporary Theories About the Family (Edited by Wesley R. Burr, Reuben Hill, F. Ivan Nye and Ira L. Reiss, Free Press, 1979), in Volume One, Chapter 4, pp. 57-100, 'Heterosexual Permissiveness: A Theoretical Analysis' by Ira L. Reiss and Brent C. Miller.

The 'five item' universal scale was used in most of my analyses.
It combines 7 of the 12 scale items into five items and was chosen because its item order never varied in any sample (See p.35 in my 1967 book). The five item scale and the 12 item scale and all other derivative scales of the 12 items met all Guttman Scaling criteria. I dichotomized all items so that all three forms of agree were counted as 'agree" and all three forms of disagree were counted as 'disagree.'

I used the 'Labels' box for each variable and its 'variable label' and 'value label' to define each variable as fully as possible. See the SPSS data dictionary for more complete information on each variable. I placed the variable code letter and number in front of each variable. This was done because I have not included here all the variables and future researchers may wish to go back to my data files and utilize other variables, or other versions of the same variable.

Anyone interested in further information can contact me via Email at: ."
Reiss, January 1997

The SPSS data dictionary, listing the variable information in Dr. Reiss' SPSS portable-format data file may be viewed and saved in text format: NORC1963.pdf (26 KBytes)

Qualified scholars and researchers may obtain Dr. Reiss' data-set itself in SPSS portable-format. For more information, terms, and conditions, please contact Thomas G. Albright, the Computer Analyst at The Kinsey Institute at .

Other resources for analysis:

1986 Reiss book Appendix A (pdf) contains the 28 questions Dr. Reiss used in his cross cultural study.

1986 Reiss Book Intro (pdf)


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