Space Thing

date 1967
by David L. Friedman, producer
medium Poster

Inspired by 1960s science fiction works, Space Thing (1967) is reminiscent of Barbarella with a lower budget and more nudity. This poorly made sexploitation film opens with a young, science fiction-obsessed man who, after having sex with his girlfriend, settles into exploring his real passion: science fiction books. As he lays in bed reading, the manís imagination runs wild, and we are transported into a low budget world of aliens and spacecrafts in which the young man is now the main character. In this story, the man is an alien starship captain that becomes entangled with a ship full of randy women who have suffered too long under the yoke of their lesbian captain. It is not long before the women are instructing the young captain in the latest sexual techniques. The film, whose bargain basement special effects include a reconfigured toy model of Star Trekís U.S.S. Enterprise zipping through a galaxy of dyed cotton ball "planets" that are tethered to strings, is considered even by its writer and producer, David Friedman, to be one of the worst science fiction films ever made. The poor quality, however, did not prevent the film from becoming highly successful in the sexploitation marketplace, where it showed for years. The filmís poster features fantastic exploitation-style artwork that includes such memorable taglines as "An Adult Preview of Things to Come!" and "A Peek into the Year 2069." The poster also attempts to take advantage of the late 1960s popularity of mainstream science fiction fare such as the hit film The Planet of the Apes by suggesting that the movie patron, "Visit the Planet of the Rapes!"