Behind the Green Door

date 1983 (originally released in 1972)
by Jim and Artie Mitchell, directors; Marilyn Chambers, actress
medium Distributed by Mitchell Brothers Film Group
VHS Cassette

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Along with Deep Throat (1972), Behind the Green Door (1972) helped to bring hardcore pornography into the mainstream. The movie had as its source an erotic underground story that had been passed around among American soldiers during World War II, as well as on college campuses and in fraternities through the 1960s.

Behind the Green Door made its star, Marilyn Chambers, famous nearly overnight, largely due to a rather clever (and lucky) publicity campaign. Previous to starring in the film, Chambers had been hired as a model by Proctor and Gamble to appear on the box for one of their best-selling products, Ivory Snow soap. Months after the photo shoot for the box, Chambers filmed Behind the Green Door. Not long after the film's premiere, Proctor and Gamble released the newly designed Ivory Snow box. The filmmakers then tipped off the press that the Proctor and Gamble model had since become a pornographic actress. The free publicity from the resulting scandal, which eventually caused the family-oriented Proctor and Gamble to pull the box from circulation, turned Behind the Green Door into a huge hit, and it launched Chambersí highly successful adult film career. Capitalizing on her notoriety, Chambers also wrote an "erotobiography," which references her "pure as snow" beginnings.