Good Hot Stuff

date 1975
by Hand-in-Hand Films
medium Poster

Good Hot Stuff (1975) is a hybrid historical documentary and gay pornographic film. The movie narrates the history of Hand-in-Hand Films, the legendary gay erotic film company founded by Jack Deveau that employed such influential adult film talent as Tom DeSimone, Jaap Penraat, and Peter de Rome. Good Hot Stuff contains many interviews, behind the scenes footage of film production, and lengthy clips of highly charged sex from such Hand-in-Hand productions as Ballet Down the Highway, Billy the Kid, and The Night Before. The poster for the film, however, subtly elides the documentary angle of the film. Instead, the poster reads like the film is a sexy fictional story of gay sex through the ages, with such seemingly incongruous tag lines as, "See the palace of pleasure and the sultan and his slaves" and "See truckers and hustlers behind the scenes." According to the poster, the movie is "an erotic film journey from the decadent past to the decadent present. You won’t believe your eyes!" Audiences may have been surprised by the film’s true documentary nature, as well as by the fact that many of the sex scenes in the film were all too familiar, as they were compiled from films already well known in the gay male community.