Slaves in Bondage

date 1937
by Elmer Clifton, director
medium Poster

Slaves in Bondage (aka Crusade Against the Rackets; 1937) took the vice ring scare of the 1930s as its inspiration. The poster references this origin with its alliterative statement, "See for the first time uncensored secrets of the nationís sinister vice scandals." However, it does not depend solely on its association with Lucky Luciano for its advertising. Instead, it focuses on skin, providing a barely-covered image of a woman and the judgmental tag line, "Girls ensnared into lives of shame." Additional promotional tag lines used on other materials for the film included, "Can youth be protected against demons of lust and desire?" and "Can they get away with it? Peeping through the keyhole at intimate adventures of modern unconventional youth."

Other exploitation films that used Lucianoís story and the subsequent fear of "white slavery" (i.e., young, attractive white women) as a jumping off point included Gambling with Souls (aka Vice Racket; 1936), Smashing the Vice Trust (1937), and The Wages of Sin (1938).