Child Bride

date 1941
by Harry Revier, director; Raymond Friedgen, producer
medium Poster

Child Bride (1941), a supposed warning against the dangers of early marriage, tells the story of a young girl (13-year-old actress Shirley Mills) who is forced into wedlock by a backwards mountain yokel. Despite its insistence at having an important social message, the film exploits its controversial subject in a scene that inter-cuts Mills’ nude body with the lecherous leers of her character’s hillbilly husband. This scene of under-age nudity resulted in the film being banned in many states. Playing to the film’s efforts to wallow in forbidden sex and Appalachian stereotypes, the poster features the images of the film’s young starlet and her backwoods degenerate captor. The poster’s copy exclaims that Child Bride explores the world "Where Lust was Called Just!"