Teen Age

date 1944
by Richard L'Estrange, director; J.D. Kendis, producer
medium Poster

Teen Age (1944) is an exploitation film that is a mishmash of old and new. Directed by Richard L'Estrange (most likely a playful pseudonym) and produced by experienced exploiteer J.D. Kendis, Teen Age uses the tried-and-true exploitation ploy of "recycling." The film combines newly shot footage with old scenes from Kendisí previously released white slave traffic filmsGambling with Souls (1936) and Slaves in Bondage (1937) in order to take advantage of a wartime teen delinquency scare.

The poster for the film is an early example of exploiteers using the supposedly rampant social problem of youth gone wild as a way to market the film. It advertises the movie as both "A Dramatic thunderbolt of Modern Youth!" and as an exposť of "Modern Youth on the Rampage!" Also note the use of the powerful adjective triplet, "Sensational! Bold! Startling!" Lists of adjectives such as these were a common way for old-fashioned road show promoters to grab attention. Also notice the graphic and color scheme similarity between this poster and Sex Maniac, another exploitation film from the same period.