Kinsey Institute Juried Erotic Arts Show 2008

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List of Exhibited Items

Christina Z. Anderson (Bozeman, Montana)
Belt, 2007
Gelatin silver mordançage

Christina Z. Anderson (Bozeman, Montana)
Chakra, 2005
Gelatin silver mordançage

Lisa Austin (Louisville, Kentucky)
Kate, 2006
Mixed media

Jeremy Bazur (Bloomington, Indiana)
Strip Euchre, 2004

Mia Beach (Bloomington, Indiana)
Strong Man, 2007

Jasmine Begeske (Lafayette, Indiana)
Bedroom Light, 2007

Michael Berkowitz (New York, New York)
Gloria, 56 Years Old, 2007
Sepia toned silver gelatin print

Michael Berkowitz (New York, New York)
The Rare Specimen, 2008
Sepia toned silver gelatin print

Sara Brooks (Bloomington, Indiana)
And Everything Depends Upon, 2005
Handmade book

Tylla Carlisle (Bloomington, Indiana)
The Seamstress, 1998
Oil on canvas

David DeAubrey Tighe (New Albany, Indiana)
The Medium is the Message, 2008

David DeAubrey (New Albany, Indiana)
Pool Guys, 2007

Robert Dimin (Princeton, New Jersey)
Reclining Nude for Schiele, 2007

Anthony Droege (Granger, Indiana)
In the Pink, 2006
Oil on canvas

Leanne Ellis (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Thanks. For the memories, 2007
Clay on wood base

Kraig Emmert (Houston, Texas)
What a Time It Was, 1982/2007
Digital and black and white photograph

Jeff Faerber (Brooklyn, New York)
Reclining Couple with Teapot
Mixed media on paper

Jeff Faerber (Brooklyn, New York)
Ms. Stripey Socks
Mixed Media on Board

Frank Fitzgerald (Highwood, Illinois)
During the Night, 2007
Oil on canvas

Yara Ferreira Clüver (Bloomington, Indiana)
Boob Book, 2007
Artist's book

Yara Ferreira Clüver (Bloomington, Indiana)
Quilt, 2005
Computer based photograph

R. Bruce Flowers (London, Ontario, Canada)
The Kiss, 2007
Stoneware clay & underglaze

Glenda K. Folk (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Collectible Objects
Oil on Canvas

Werner Foster (Newton, New Jersey)
Primary Desire, 2007
Mixed media print

Christine Golden (Bloomington, Indiana)
Grin & Bare It, 2008
Ceramic, mixed media

Anthony Gordon (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
Desire, 2006

Dawn Graham (Lexington, Kentucky)
Playing the Part, Untitled 4, 2006
Archival print

Stephen Haynes (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Intensity 4-3, 2007
Archival pigment print

Damon Hill (Hayward, California)
Untitled with Strap-on, 2008

Lindsay Hine (Bloomington, Indiana)
For the Fairest, 2006
Oil on canvas

Patrick Hobaugh (Lake Mills, Wisconsin)
Still Life with Sextoys, Packing Dildos & Gall Wasps, 2008
Oil on linen

Douglas Holtquist (New York, New York)
Double Happiness, 2005
Hard porcelain on gesso

Phil Illingworth (Hampshire, United Kingdom)
Girls do It too (Onanism for girls), 2007
Mixed media, digital postwork

Riva Jewell-Vitale (Bloomington, Indiana)
Ofuro, 2007

Jrotica (Naperville, Illinois)
The Third Date, 2006

Toby Kaufmann (Brooklyn, New York)
Jana, 2007
Inkjet print

Deborah Klein (Bloomington, Indiana)
See No Evil
Cut, folded and embossed paper

Stephanie Lerma (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Motherhood, 2007
Knitted acrylic yarn

Dave Levingston (Springfield, Ohio)
Lani, 2004

Marios Liolios (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan)
Untitled (cryptophallus), 2007
Archival inkjet print

Kevan Lunney (East Brunswick, New Jersey)
Waterfall, 2005

Robert McCann (East Lansing, Michigan)
Lover Dreamer
Oil on board

Jamie McCartney (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Design a Vagina, 2007
40 casts of vaginas in plaster

Jamie McCartney (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Internal Affairs, 2006
Internal vagina cast in resin

Arlyn B. McCulloch (Pocatello, Idaho)
Who Am I Playing With?, 2006

Debbie Metzler (Kaministiquia, Ontario, Canada)
Honey, I'll be Right Back . . . I'm Taking the Dog for a Walk
Ink, graphite, pencil, crayon

Kevin O. Mooney (Bloomington, Indiana)
Jennifer/Standing/Untitled, 2000

Ben Moore (Iowa City, Iowa)
California Pink, 2007
Oil on canvas

Dora Natella (Granger, Indiana)
Torso of Ninoska, 2005
Kiln formed glass

Orpheus (Berthoud, Colorado)
Where Jewelry Comes From
Mixed media

Jeannette Palsa (Hudson, Ohio)
The Other Self, 2004
Wet-plate collodion ambrotype

Claudia Paul (Sammamish, Washington)

April Renae (Brooklyn, New York)
Untitled #6, 2005

Nate Risteen (Bloomington, Indiana)
Looking for Grey Hairs, 2007
Casein paint and hydrocal

Leslie Rodgers (Bloomington, Indiana)
Poppetts II, Alpha Couple
Cotton Muslim, found bird's nests, cotton, red thread

Julio Romano (Phoenix, Arizona)
Untitled (Larry) from Bear Beauty series, 2008
Silver gelatin print

Michael Rosen (San Francisco, California)

Michael Rosen (San Francisco, California)
Liz and Rebekah

Andrea Rossi (London, United Kingdom)
The Sexless Woman, 2005
Oil on Canvas

Dan Scott (Boise, Idaho)
Oil on board

Russel Semerau (Menomonie, Wisonsin)
After Dinner, 2007
Casein on pine

Sarah Small (Brooklyn, New York)
Ostrich Stretch
Archival color print

Christopher Smith (Philadelphia, PA)
Terra Prana

Petr Stanicky (New York, New York)
Invisible Circle, 2007
Ceramic inside acrylic box

David Steinberg (San Francisco, California)
Kristina, 2003

David Steinberg (San Francisco, California)
Veronica and Jay, 2004

Janna Stern (Santa Monica, California)
The Player
Archival ink on rice paper

Cassie Stukofski (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Fuck, 2007

Cassie Stukofski (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Just another Piece of Meat, 2007
Lithograph, chine-colle

Sarah Sudhoff (Nacogdoches, Texas)
Exam 2, 2006
Digital Print

David Swanson (Marcell, Minnesota)
Spoon Blocker, 2007

Allan Teger (Vero Beach, Florida)
Crane, 1993

Kimberly Tiernan (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Allegory, 2007

Betsy Van Die (Rolling Meadows, Illinois)
Tickle my Fancy, 2007
Mixed media

Annie Wedler (Bloomington, Indiana)
Oil on canvas

Carolyn Weltman (New York, New York)
Will You Still Love Me?, 2006
Oil on canvas

Michael Wenzler (Bloomington, Indiana)
Six Months in Three Months Out
Inkjet print

Paul Wirhun (Brooklyn, New York)
The Notorious Binky, 2006
Painted, gilded ostrich egg

Yelena Yahontova (Bloomington, Indiana)
Untitled, 2007

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