Items in the Online Exhibit

Edgar G. Ulmer, director

Girls in Chains (USA; 1943)

Original lobby card


Roger Vadim, director

Blood and Roses (aka Et mourir de plaisir; France/Italy; 1960/1961)

Original lobby cards


Kimberly Peirce, director; Hilary Swank, actor

Boys Don’t Cry (USA; 1999)

One sheet movie poster


William Friedkin, director

The Boys in the Band (USA; 1970)

Original one sheet movie poster


Unknown director(s)

Bull-Men (year unknown)

Shorts: Hard Rocks (with Will Seagers and Peter Bolt), Behind the Barn (with Dak and Bo Gantry), Timberwolves (with Al Parker), Break Down (with Erron-Leidermeister)

Handmade movie poster


William Wyler, director; Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine, actors

The Children’s Hour (USA; 1961)

Vintage still


Irving Rapper, director

The Christine Jorgensen Story (USA, 1970)



Christine Jorgensen autobiography


Denmark pressbook


Bill Weber and David Weissman, directors

The Cockettes (USA; 2003)

Original U.S. one sheet movie poster


William Friedkin, director; Al Pacino, actor

Cruising (USA; 1980)

Original release lobby card #6

Neil Jordan, director

The Crying Game (UK; 1992)

Original one sheet movie poster


Eve Milan, director

First Time at Cherry High (USA; 1984)

Original U.S. one sheet movie poster


Joel Schumacher, director; Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert DeNiro, actors

Flawless (USA; 1999)

Original French lobby stills


Michel Wichard, director; Jean Mitry, writer

The Fourth Sex (aka Le Quatrième sexe; France; 1961)

Original Benton window card


Harvey Hart, director

Fortune and Men’s Eyes (USA; 1971)

Original one sheet movie poster


Bruce Kessler, director

The Gay Deceivers (USA; 1969)

Original lobby cards

Rose Troche, director

Go Fish (USA; 1994)

Original one sheet movie poster


John Hayes, director

The Hang Up (aka Vice Cop 69); 1970


Hector Babenco, director

Kiss of the Spider Woman (Brazil/USA; 1985)

Original Japanese program


Robert Rossen, director; Warren Beatty and Jean Seberg, actors

Lilith (USA; 1964)

Original U.S. half sheet movie poster


John Bown, director/Edward Mann, director

Monique (UK; 1969) / Hot Pants Holiday (USA; 1972)

Original U.S. one sheet movie poster


Stephen Frears, director; Daniel Day Lewis, actor

My Beautiful Laundrette (UK; 1986)

Original large promo ad for trade publication


Mitchell Leisen, director; Barbara Stanwyck, actor

No Man of Her Own (USA;1950)

Original U.S. one sheet movie poster


Robert Towne, director; Mariel Hemingway, actor

Personal Best (USA; 1982)

Original theatrical release one sheet movie poster


Rainer Werner Fassbinder, director

Querelle (West Germany/France; 1982)

Original movie poster designed by Andy Warhol


Stanley Donen, director; Rex Harrison and Richard Burton, actors

Staircase (USA; 1969)

Original U.S. insert poster


Diego Santillán, director

Silvia ama a Raquel (Spain, 1978)



Paul Bogart, director; Harvey Fierstein, actor/writer

Torch Song Trilogy (USA, 1989)

Original French poster


Duncan Tucker, director; Felicity Huffman, actor

Transamerica (USA; 2005)

Original one sheet movie poster


Unknown director

The Transsexuals

Movie Poster and Catalog Ad


Basil Dearden, director; Dirk Bogarde, actor

Victim (UK; 1961)

Vintage photograph


Gordon Willis, director; Talia Shire, actor

Windows (USA; 1980)

Original one sheet movie poster

National Screen Service #800020


Taye Garnett, director; Marlene Dietrich, actor

Seven Sinners (USA; 1940)

Vintage photograph


Douglas Sirk, director; Rock Hudson and Piper Laurie, actors

Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (USA; 1952)

Vintage photograph


Roubin Mamoulian, director; Greta Garbo, actor

Queen Christina (USA; 1933)

Vintage movie still


Dorothy Arzner, director

Vintage photograph on the set of Dance, Girl, Dance (USA; 1940)

Vintage still from Dance, Girl, Dance, with Lucille Ball


Unknown director

European “risqué” film (1922; title unknown)

Frame capture


Board of Christian Social Action, American Lutheran Church

The Church Looks at Immorality in Print and On Screen (ca. 1959)



Marie Dressler receiving her Academy Award (1931)

Vintage photograph on loan from William Hays


Ramón Novarro

Vintage photograph on loan from William Hays


G.W. Pabst, director; Louise Brooks, actress

Pandora’s Box (Germany; 1928)

Frame capture


Leontine Sagan, director

Mädchen in Uniform (Germany; 1931)

Movie still


James Whale, Director

The Bride of Frankenstein (USA; 1935)

Publicity still


Frank McDonald, director

When a Girl’s Beautiful (USA; 1947)

Original lobby card


Joan E. Biren, director

No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon (USA; 2003)

Movie poster


Joseph Santley, director

Rookies on Parade (USA; 1941)

Publicity still


Lew Landers, director

Trouble Chasers (USA; 1945)

Publicity still


George Cukor, director

Sylvia Scarlett (USA, 1935)

Newspaper advertisement


Bill Condon, writer and director

Photograph by Mark Hanauer, 2004

Yogesh Bhardwaj, director

Shabnam Mousi (India, 2005)

Original one sheet movie poster



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