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The following materials are divided by the originator or donor of each collection.

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Le Mon Clark

Le Mon Clark (1897–?) was a gynecologist, professor, sex researcher, and ordained Unitarian minister. The Clark collection consists of 36 archival folders and 85 packets of note cards (2.5 ft.) of professional correspondence (1957–1975), as well as:

  • Articles, clippings, and publications (1928–80)
  • Materials and conference proceedings from the North American Conference on Church and Family (1960-1961)
  • Research notes and manuscripts (1931–71)
  • Lecture notes (1952–59)

The collection also includes clippings, correspondence, and statements about a controversial lecture given in 1962 by Albert Ellis at the University of Arkansas, Lafayette. Clark was a lecturer at the university during this time.

Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis, Ph.D. (1913–2007) was a sex researcher and psychologist who developed Rational-Emotive Psychotherapy.

The Ellis collection consists of 14 archival folders of journal and magazine article offprints (1947–1972), which comprise the bulk of the collection. There is also professional correspondence (1958), biographical and personal information, and references to his public appearances.

See also: the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex Collection (Ellis was president in the 1960s) and the Le Mon Clark Collection (Series II, C, Folder 11) for materials regarding a controversial lecture given by Ellis in 1962 at the University of Arkansas.

Sol Gordon

Sol Gordon, Ph.D. was a controversial writer, lecturer, and Syracuse University professor who specialized in children and teenage sex education. He founded the Institute for Family Research and Education at Syracuse University in 1970.

The Gordon collection comprises personal and professional correspondence (1972–1988), including:

  • Correspondence with Dr. James Dobson regarding a slander lawsuit (1985–1986)
  • Articles, clippings and publications (1966-2004)
  • Gordon v. Caswell judgment transcript
  • Photographs
  • Audio cassettes (2) of his speeches

Listen to an interview with Dr. Sol Gordon recorded at WFIU in Bloomington in 2005. (one hour) 

Sexual Freedom League

The Sexual Freedom League (SFL) was founded in New York City in 1963. But it became more associated with the San Francisco Bay area when one founding member, Jefferson Poland, moved there. With the Vietnam War, women's movement, and counterculture scene, the 1960s proved to be a prosperous time for the SFL. Originally formed to promote the political ideals of sexual freedom, the SFL quickly became known as an organization that sponsored sex parties. As the SFL expanded into a nationwide network of chapters, the original political ideals became less emphasized causing friction within the organization. By the late 1970s, membership numbers had dwindled.

Historically, the SFL collection has been used by scholars researching sexual attitudes of the United States during the 1960s–1970s. It consists of four sections containing 65 archival folders covering 1966–1978:

  • Organizational information and correspondence includes meeting minutes, financial information, social activities, press releases, media relations, chapter information, calendars, and correspondence to/from the SFL and its religious offshoot, the Psychedelic Venus Church
  • Newsletters consist of the pre-publication notes and correspondence dealing with the Sexual Freedom League Newsletter
  • News Clippings contains newspaper and magazine articles on the topics of sex, gender, reproduction, women's rights, homosexual rights, nude beaches, and newsletters and flyers from other sex-related organizations
  • Art and Objects consists of sex-related items

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) was founded in 1957 by several sex researchers, including Harry Benjamin and Albert Ellis, and is the oldest American organization for professionals in the field of human sexuality.

The collection contains records, multimedia materials, and organizational documents, including:

  • Articles of incorporation, constitution, and by-laws
  • Conference programs and announcements (1984–98)
  • Membership lists (1971–87)
  • Meeting minutes (1972–98)
  • Financial records (1957–96)
  • Journals, articles, clippings and submissions (1970–87)
  • Correspondence (1979–86)

There are also audiocassettes of meetings, lectures, and conferences (1981-1988), including the International Congress of Sexology in 1976, as well as videotapes of plenaries, awards luncheons, and lectures.

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