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Our mission: To foster and promote a greater understanding of human sexuality and relationships through research, outreach, education, and historical preservation


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Diversity and Inclusion

As a research institute devoted to the study of human sexuality, the Kinsey Institute continues to explore the complexities of sexual and gender diversity and variation in sexual and relationship experiences.

  • We value the rich perspectives that different genders, races, religions, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations bring to humanity, and to our professional work.
  • We recognize the barriers that past and ongoing prejudice and oppression present to marginalized communities, and our work aims to combat bias and bigotry by furthering evidence-based knowledge about the diversity and complexity of human experiences.
  • We commit to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone is valued and has opportunities for professional and personal development and growth.
  • We welcome and seek out collaborations with diverse groups and individuals whose range of experiences and expertise enrich our research and pedagogy, including and especially issues specific to marginalized communities.

Documenting the diversity of the human experience lies at the heart of our research mission and is instrumental to our institutional success.

Kinsey flower logo
Kinsey flower logo
Kinsey flower logo

Our Logo

The Flower of Aphrodite is the symbol of the Kinsey Institute. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of desire, love, sexuality, and maternal reproduction. The stylized red anemone, a flower associated with her, is composed of six vesica piscii. Ancient Greeks held the number six sacred for its representation of equilibrium, harmony, and balance.

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