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Research news

Kinsey Institute Releases Sex Tech Study
Users reported that technology facilitated thier sexual and emotional interactions with virtual partners.

Research Review: Bad Orgasms
A recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior suggests that it’s very much possible to have a “bad” orgasm during a consensual sexual encounter.

Hormone Changes Across the Menstrual Cycle & Relationship Satisfaction
We know that changing hormone levels can affect women's behavior across their menstrual cycle. But what, if any, long-term effects can they have on relationship satisfaction for couples?

Phone Battery Levels Affect Hookup Decisions
Researchers manipulated smartphone battery life during a sexually-charged interaction to study effect of time pressure.

How Having a Sexual Rival Changes Men’s Sexual Behavior
Does the knowledge of having a sexual rival change the way that men approach sex? And what is sex like for women who engage in “double mating?”

Kinsey Institute Interview Series: Dr. Kristen Mark
An IU graduate, Dr. Mark studies women's sexual health, sexual desire, and directs the Sexual Health Promotion Lab at UK.

Institute news

Coronavirus Update on Kinsey Institute Library
Latest update on visitor access to Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections.

Kinsey Institute Sponsors Tom Fox Exhibit & Panel
Wild Horses Running is an exhibition of more than 70 photographs documenting IU alumnus Tom Fox’s struggle with AIDS in the late 1980s. POSTPONED

2018-2019 Kinsey Institute Annual Report
This report highlights some of the Kinsey Institute's many achievements as a collaborative research institute over the past 18 months. PDF available to view online.

Announcing the Sex and Sexuality Digital Archive
Partnership with Adam Matthew Digital makes materials from the Kinsey Institute Special Collections available to users online.

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