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Coming September 6-7: Kinsey Institute 75th Anniversary Research Symposium
Save the date to join us in Bloomington for research, networking, and anniversary celebrations.

IU Establishes Kinsey-Kelley Center for Gender Equity in Business
Addressing issues of gender inequity, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Kinsey Institute 75th Anniversary Historical Review
A brief overview of Kinsey Institute history. PDF

Work in Progress: the Alfred Kinsey Legacy Sculpture
A sneak peek at the creative process of artist Melanie Cooper Pennington.

RESEARCH BRIEF: Polyamory and Consensual Non-monogamy in the US
Findings on prevalence, interest in, and attitudes towards polyamory.

Archival Collection Highlight: The Joanne E. Passet Collection
Author and historian of lesbian artists and activists donates her research archive.

Kinsey Institute launches healthy relationships initiative in rural areas
The successful initiative, established in 2019, is expanding to include Indiana high schools.

Kinsey Institute Launches Year-long 75th Anniversary Celebration
Planned events include a sculpture unveiling, guest speakers, symposiums, art exhibitions, dance performances – and more.

Kinsey Institute study finds ‘sextech’ may offer temporary relief to mental health discomfort
Participants with symptoms of depression or anxiety, but not those with loneliness, reported more use of sextech.

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