Indiana University Q&A Regarding the Kinsey Institute
November 6, 2023

Challenging Misconceptions About Sexual Assault and the Myth of “Real Rape”
Public comments on celebrity arrests and lawsuits reflect misconceptions about sexual violence.

Interview: Rachel E. Gross and “Vagina Obscura”

Dr. Amanda Gesselman to Direct Postdoctoral Training at Kinsey Institute
New position oversees training & mentorship of postdoctoral scholars.

Our Summer 2023 Newsletter is out!
Recent news, research, media, and faculty awards.

RESEARCH BRIEF: Do Fetal Development Markers Influence People’s Attitudes toward Abortion?
Research on effect of language choices on attitudes toward legal abortion.

Unveiling a piece of Bloomington history.

Dr. Stephanie Sanders Appointed Research Director
Dr. Sanders will oversee the direction and coordination of research at the Institute.

Kinsey Institute Announces Cynthia Plaster Caster Collection
Collection documents rock and roll history in artwork, diaries and rock memorabilia

"In Indiana, the culture wars aim at Kinsey   — the heart of sex research"
Washington Post Op-Ed by Kinsey Institute Executive Director, Dr. Justin Garcia


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