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Robert Bahr - A Man with a Vision
Liana Zhou, Kinsey Institute Library Director, recalls friend and donor, Robert Bahr.

Introducing the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium
This new Kinsey Institute initiative will be directed by Dr. Stephen Porges

In Memoriam: William Seabloom
Long-time friend of the Kinsey Institute, Dr. William Seabloom

Announcing New Gina Ogden Curatorial Scholarship
New scholarship to support integrative approaches to sex research and therapy. DEADLINE: November 15.

Applications open for 2019 Money Fellowship
Offered to graduate students whose scholarly work would benefit from the use of library and archival materials at the Kinsey Institute. DEADLINE: December 14.

In the Research Blog: Sexual Communication
How is communication among partners about sexual issues different than for non-sexual issues?

New Faces at the Kinsey Institute
Welcome to our new faculty, staff, and students.

Kinsey Institute Interview Series: Dr. Meredith Chivers
Dr. Chivers is a psychologist at Queen’s University in Canada who specializes in research on female sexual arousal and desire

CURT Team Collaborates with Clue Health App
Results are in from the largest-ever survey to examine the female perspective on using condoms for sex during menstruation.

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