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Nature & Nurture: Exploring Human Reproduction from Pregnancy through Early Childhood

Nature & Nurture is the first exhibition from The Kinsey Institute to highlight its collection of fine art, books, and other materials on the subject of human reproduction. The exhibition uses fine art photographs, paintings, prints, sculptures, and books to illustrate pregnancy, birth, child rearing, development of gender identity, and parent/child relationships.

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    Angela N. Hunt, United States
    Cherub, undated, Color digital print
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    Sofiya Inger, Russia/United States
    Strings and Ties, 2006, Acrylic on canvas
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    Brad Miller, United States
    Katherine, 1997, Gelatin silver print
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    Edouard de Beaumont, France
    Pregnant woman standing in profile, 1875, Ink and paint on paper
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    Herbert Ascherman Jr., United States
    Untitled (nude couple), undated, Platinum print
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    George Platt Lynes, United States
    Gaia & The First King of Athens, 1939, Gelatin silver print
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    Yelena Yahontova, Belarus/United States
    Untitled (woman nursing a baby), Color photograph
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    Niki Grangruth, United States
    Soon After the Birth from The New Madonnas series, Color print
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    Deena des Rioux, United States
    Family Reunion, 2002, Computer generated print

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