Scholarly Concentration in Human Sexuality and Health

Offered to medical students enrolled at IU in partnership with the IU School of Medicine's Bloomington campus. 

As part of the Scholarly Concentration initiative at the IU, Human Sexuality and Health introduces students to a range of issues related to sex, gender and sexuality and how these characteristics intersect with the practice of medicine.

Topics include: sex and gender development and diversity; sexuality and sexual fluidity; sexual and romantic relationships; contraception and reproduction; STls and HIV prevention; etc. Students learn about health discrepancies in LGBTQ+ populations, the need for competency in practice with LGBTQ+ patients, and current best practices. Students will take summer courses with Kinsey Institute faculty after their first year of medical school and work on a project with Kinsey Institute researchers. 



  • Apply to the Scholarly Concentration in Human Sexuality and Health when applying for admission to the IU School of Medicine 
  • Reside in Bloomington, IN while enrolled in medical school
  • Complete two courses:
    • Introduction to Human Sexuality and Health
    • Critical Issues in Human Sexuality 
  • Partner with a researcher at the Kinsey Institute and assist with a research project
  • Submit a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
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