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2020 Podcasts and Interviews

Dr. Virginia Sadock on Doctor Radio, SyriusXM, Dec 7. Interview with Dr. Justin Garcia on findings from the Kinsey Institute research on the impact of Coronavirus on relationships.

The Science Behind Dating Apps. Ex Appeal podcast, December 2.

Sex and Dating. Ex Appeal podcast, October 27.

WTHR 13, Indianapolis, June 16. Interview with Dr. Justin Garcia on findings from Kinsey Institute research on the impact of Coronavirus on relationships.

Dating in the time of Coronavirus with social psychologist Amanda Gesselman. On Topic with IU podcast, May 27.

Why the coronavirus might change dating forever. CNBC, May 25.

The Intelligence: Online dating during lockdown. The Economist Radio, May 21. Also available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. [Story begins at 7:53 of episode.]

Sex, Dating And Connection During Quarantine. Curious City, WBEZ Chicago, FacebookLive, May 21. [Dr. Garcia appears at 28:30 of stream.]

Domestic violence in the pandemic, with psychologist and professor Zoë PetersonOn Topic with IU podcast, May 20.

What’s Up (Or Down) With Your Coronalibido? Love in Quarantine podcast, May 14.

How COVID 19 is changing dating experience. Kelly Kutrara podcast, Global TV News (Canada), May 13.

Domestic Violence and the COVID Pandemic. Noon Edition, May 8.

A Close Look at Sex and Relationships During COVIDPosthoc Salon, May 7.

Talking physical and mental health with the Kinsey Institute's Gregory Lewis. On Topic with IU podcast, May 2.

Fox News Rundown: April 28, 2020Fox News Rundown podcast, April 28. [Comments from Dr. Helen Fisher on the 'new normal' of pandemic-era social interactions. Segment begins at 12:30 of stream.]

Quarantine(d) Conversations: Social Life and Its Negation. IU Arts and Humanities Council, April 28.

Fox59, April 9. Interview with Dr. Justin Garcia on navigating relationships during the pandemic.

Coronavirus' toll on relationships and datingCBS Morning News, March 26.

New Day Weekend. CNN, March 21. Interview with Dr. Jacek Kolacz on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


2020 News Articles

"Can We Make Our Sex Lives Fun Again?" Wall Street Journal, Dec 8.

"3 things to think about before you have a threesome." Insider, Dec 7.

"21 Most Fascinating Dating Studies for 2020.", November 25.

"How has the pandemic altered dating? Survey says more roommates are hooking up.USA Today, Oct 6.

"Would You Date Someone With Different Political Beliefs? Here's What a Survey of 5,000 Single People Revealed." Time, Oct 6.

"Sex gets complicated during the pandemic." CNN, Sept 14.

"The Kinsey Institute Explores How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Dating & Relationships in Fundamental Ways.", September 4.

"How to Embrace the Slower Pace of a Pandemic Relationship." The Washington Post, August 25.

"Yes, some people are still having one-night stands." The Washington Post, August 24.

"New psychology research uncovers women's and men's reactions to receiving unsolicited dick pics." PsyPost, August 15.

"Pets give comfort in time of touch deprivation." Krugerdorp News (South Africa), Jun 4.

"Lockdown stress puts paid to a coronavirus baby boom." Financial Times (UK), June 2. [subscription]

"Imagining a First Post-Pandemic Kiss." New York Times, May 18.

"Single People in the Netherlands Have Been Advised to Find a 'Sex Buddy' During Lockdown." Men's Health Magazine, May 17.

"Coronavirus has changed online dating. Here’s why some say that’s a good thing." PBS News Hour, May 15.

"If these walls could talk." Vogue Portugal, May 14.

"Casual sex is out, companionship is in." The Economist, May 9.

"Why couples are having less sex during the pandemic — and what they can do to change it." Yahoo Life, May 8.

"1 in 5 People Admit to Texting Their Ex During Quarantine." Refinery29, May 7.

"How Coronavirus Is Changing the Dating Game for the Better." New York Times, May 7.

"Here's What Happens in Your Brain When You're With Your Partner All the Time." Elite Daily, May 4.

"There's still space for love." The Decclan Herald, May 3.

"No sex, please, we're in a pandemic: Who can be intimate, who shouldn't while in coronavirus quarantine." USA Today, April 30.

"WFH: Google has 5 video-calling tips for you.", April 29.

"Kinsey survey shows how sex lives, dating are changing during quarantine." Indiana Daily Student, April 27.

"Does Sex Really Boost Your Immune System?" HuffingtonPost, April 26.

"The Sex Tech Industry Is Booming Amid An Economic Crisis." Bustle, April 24.

"Experts Explain Why We Love Reality Dating Shows, Even Though We Know They're Fake." Good Housekeeping, April 24.

"Tinder, Bumble, And Other Dating Apps Introduce New Features To Help Singles Cope With The Lockdown." Latin Times, April 24.

"The coronavirus and birth rates: What experts say about a 'once-in-a-century' situation." Indianapolis Star, April 22.

"Polyamory during a pandemic: How to quarantine while dating multiple folks." Chicago Reader, April 21.

"Don't want to swipe on Tinder while in self-isolation? That's totally fine." Washington Post, April 21.

"Sex in the Time of Coronavirus." Wall Street Journal, April 20.

"Afinal, por que estamos com tanto tesão durante a quarentena?" Sexting (Brazil), April 17.

"Experts recommend taking a break from stress, trauma." HoosierTimes, April 17.

"‘I would pay $50 for a 2-minute hug’: True stories of sex starvation during self-quarantine.Washington Post, April 14.

"Love in the Time of COVID." IU Research Impact, April 15.

"Thirsty tweets skyrocket amid coronavirus quarantine, study shows.New York Post, April 14.

"Cupid in Quarantine: What Brain Science Can Teach Us About Love." New York Times, April 13.

"The Coronavirus Is Changing How We Date. Experts Think the Shifts May Be Permanent." TIME, April 11.

"Why Do Humans Kiss Each Other? Here's the Science of Kissing." MindBodyGreen, April 9.

"Social Media Data Suggests COVID-19 Isolation Inspires More Nude Photos." Forbes, April 9.

"State order prompts concerns about access to abortion during coronavirus pandemic." Indiana Daily Student, April 9.

"Quarantine horniness, explained by a sex researcher." Vox, April 8.

"America is Thirsty for Anthony Fauci." The Atlantic, April 7.

"Coronavirus Has Created a Sex Boom - but Maybe Not a Baby Boom." Wired, April 4.

"I Love Being Single, So Why Am I Desperate For A Coronavirus Boyfriend?" Refinery29, April 3.

"How to Not Tank Your Relationship in Quarantine." The Atlantic, March 29.

"There May Be a Coronavirus Lockdown, but We Are Still Cruising Each Other Out on the Streets." Daily Beast, March 26.

"Anxiety over Coronavirus is normal: Here’s how to manage it." Indianapolis Star, March 26

"Expert says pandemic is a good time for singles, bad for couple." CBS Morning News, March 26.

"How coronavirus is transforming online dating and sex." MIT Technology Review, March 26.

"How the Pandemic Is Changing Pornography." Psychology Today, March 23.

"Can Coronavirus Be Transmitted Through Sex?" Sex & Psychology, March 17.

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