Shawn Wilson Promoted to Associate Director of Collections

Associate Director of Collections Shawn Wilson. Photo by Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

We are pleased to announce that Shawn C. Wilson has been promoted to associate director of collections at the Kinsey Institute.

Shawn has served as manager of library public services since 2006 and as user services coordinator from 2000-2006. Any scholar, student or member of the public who has used the library and archival materials has interacted with Shawn, and has benefitted from his service and attention to their project and research. His understanding and knowledge of the collections and how to use finding aids to uncover the treasures for a scholar’s specific research needs are a valuable asset to our library patrons, and to the sex research community. 

Shawn’s new position is an acknowledgement of his management capabilities, as well as his dedication to the Kinsey Institute Collections. 

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