Lecture: Dr. Justin Lehmiller on Fantasies of Cuckolding

Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Cuckolded: The Psychology of Fantasizing About Your Partner Having Sex with Someone Else

Friday, December 9, 1:30-3pm
Global & International Studies Bldg, Rm 1106

Troilism has been described as a paraphilia in which an individual derives arousal from watching or listening to their partner engaging in sexual activities with someone else. The terms “cuckold” and “cuckolding” have become the preferred synonyms for troilism in lay usage and, in recent years, have become popular search terms on porn websites.

Dr. Lehmiller is currently conducting two studies to shed light on both the prevalence and psychological underpinnings of troilism fantasies. The first study investigates how troilism fantasies are related to sex, attachment style, and personality in a diverse internet sample. The second study examines troilism fantasies among gay and bisexual men and considers how they are similar/different relative to those of heterosexual men. The results from both studies suggest that troilism is anything but an unusual sexual interest—especially among men—and offer insight into the psychological origins of this desire.

Dr. Lehmiller is an award winning educator and a prolific researcher and scholar. He has published articles in some of the leading journals on sex and relationships, written two textbooks, and produces the popular blog, Sex & Psychology. Dr. Lehmiller's research topics include casual sex, sexual fantasy, sexual health, and friends with benefits. He is currently the Director of the Social Psychology Graduate Program and an Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Ball State University.

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