PCA Honors Kinsey Institute

On March 30th, the Kinsey Institute was one of three organizations honored by the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association with the PCA Governing Board Award for Outstanding Contributions to Popular Culture at the annuual PCA/ACA conference in Indianapolis.

The associations chose to honor the Kinsey Institute in recognition of its role in increasing the visibility of sexuality and sexual minorities in mass culture, including the press, television, radio, popular music, theatre, and film over its 70-year history. 

Senior Scientist Dr. William Yarber and Communications Specialist Marie Metelnick, M.A., were on hand in Indianapolis to accept the award on behalf of the institute.

Dr. William Yarber delivers lecture at PCA conference.

Accepting the award, Dr. Yarber spoke on the history of the Kinsey Institute and its continuing mission to expand our knowledge of human sexuality, as well as discussing the challenges faced by the institute and sex researchers worldwide studying an essential, intimate, and sometimes controversial, aspect of human behavior.

The PCA/ACA is the largest academic organization in the world devoted to the multidisciplinary study of popular culture, founded at Bowling Green State University in 1970 and with a current membership in excess of 3,000 members. The joint association publishes two well-regarded scholarly periodicals, Journal of Popular Culture and Journal of American Culture

The Kinsey Institute is thrilled and honored to be recognized by this distinguished organization.

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