Dr. Janet Hyde Named Inaugural Winner of Alfred C. Kinsey Distinguished Researcher Award

Dr. Hyde is a respected leader and accomplished researcher in sexual science and gender studies.

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University is pleased to name Dr. Janet Shibley Hyde as the recipient of the inaugural Alfred C. Kinsey Distinguished Researcher Award, which honors renowned scientists and academics who shape our understanding of human sexuality through their sex research.

Dr. William Yarber, Kinsey Institute Senior Scientist and chair of the award committee, explained the selection of Dr. Hyde: “Dr. Hyde’s superb research has made profound contributions to the advancement of our understanding of gender and women’s sexuality. The sex research community is most grateful for her superior research and commitment to advancing sex research and sexual health.”

Dr. Hyde is an Evjue-Bascom Professor, the Helen Thompson Woolley Professor of Psychology and Gender & Women’s Studies, and Director of the Center for Research on Gender and Women at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is widely praised for her research on human sexuality, sex differences, gender development, gender and science, and feminist psychology.

Dr. Hyde has received numerous awards including the Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the American Psychological  Association (2016), the James McKeen Cattel Fellow Award from the Association for Psychological Science (2018), the Pioneer in the Psychology of Women Award in Psychology (2009), and Committee on Women in Psychology Award for Distinguished Teaching. In 1996, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Dennison University. Dr. Hyde is a past president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and co-author of the textbook, Understanding Human Sexuality and author of the text, Half the Human Experience: The Psychology of Women. In 2000-2001, she served as one of three scientific editors for U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher’s report Promoting Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior.  Among her widely cited research was The Gender Similarities Hypothesis (American Psychologist, 2005) in which a review of 46 meta-analysis the gender similarities was supported and Gender Differences in Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors: A review of meta-analysis results and large datasets (Journal of Sex Research, 2011) found that evidence suggests that some gender difference in sexuality are much smaller than common knowledge would suggest. 

Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s pioneering research changed the way human sexuality is perceived and led to a greater acceptance of diversity in sexual expression. The Alfred C. Kinsey Distinguished Researcher Award not only recognizes today’s distinguished sex research but also represents validation, gratitude, and support of the individuals who have the vision, determination, courage, and commitment to conduct sex research. This award is made possible through a new endowed fund at the Kinsey Institute.

"I'm delighted that the Kinsey Institute will be honoring noted researcher Dr. Janet Hyde," said Rick Van Kooten, Vice Provost for Research at Indiana University, Bloomington. "We're very grateful to the generous donors who've made this award possible, allowing us to highlight the Kinsey Institute's legacy of innovative sex research, research that has been and will continue to be of vital cultural importance."

The award will be presented to Dr. Hyde at the inaugural Alfred C. Kinsey Distinguished Researcher Award Dinner and Lecture on April 8, 2019, in Bloomington, Indiana.



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