Announcing the 2022 Gina Ogden Curatorial Scholar

The Gina Ogden Curatorial Scholarship for Integrative Approaches to Sex Research and Therapy was established by Gina Ogden and other individuals in 2020 and is awarded to stimulate new ways of building on Dr. Ogden’s integrative Four-Dimensional Wheel (4-D) approach to sex research and therapy, and to carry forward Dr. Ogden’s award-winning work. Scholars are expected to produce a tangible result: that is, an addition to the integrative practice of sex research and/or therapy that incorporates the complex relationships among body, mind, heart, and spirit. Scholarship recipients are also expected to contribute to the organization, preservation, and/or accessibility of Kinsey Institute collections.

Congratulations to our 2022 Scholar: Evan Theis.

Evan Theis is recent alumnus of the School of Public Health at Indiana University.

Research Statement: My passion lies in sexual health research, in relation to abortion-care related services; an intertwined subject matter involving mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual factors influencing one’s decision to terminate an unintended pregnancy. Dr. Gina Ogden’s 4-D theory synthesizes the human experience of mind, body, heart, and soul at the intersection of intimate relationships; thus utilizing this understanding throughout her sex therapy practice to holistically address the concerns of patients. My specific focus involves individuals who have had at least one child, compared to those who have not, prior to seeking an abortion. I aim to learn more regarding the influence of childbearing and childbirth as a distinct difference between their experiences to build upon the 4-D theory, with the support of the Kinsey Institute Library and Special Collections to help inform from a historical perspective.

When considering the decision to terminate an unintended pregnancy, the concepts of the 4-D theory perfectly encapsulate the essential knowledge necessary to provide informed consent and obtain complete understanding prior to receiving care. The physical consequences of carrying a pregnancy to term, emotional maintenance, mental health, and spirituality are taken into deep consideration; in many ways, intimate sexual relationships, family, and religion are altered by the responsibility of childbearing and birth. These perceived consequences and outcomes, positive or negative, can have detrimental effects on individuals exercising their rights. By better understanding this intersection, greater efforts can be well supported in designing integrative sex research methods, practices in sex therapy, as well as public health promotion techniques.

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