75th Anniversary Research Symposium

The Kinsey Institute's 75th Anniversary Research Symposium took place September 6-7, 2022, and included lectures, social networking, and other events celebrating 75 years of sex research at the Kinsey Institute.

Session Videos

Day 1

Kinsey Institute Executive Director, Justin Garcia
Vice Provost for Research, Brea Perry
Keynote: Justice Michael Kirby
Dr. Kinsey and the Worldwide Movement for Empirical and Scientific Approach to Sexuality

Liana Zhou and Judith Allen
Panel: Dr. Kinsey’s Sex Library: The Kinsey Institute Collections

Erick Janssen
The Dual Control Model of Sexual Response: New Findings and Research Directions

Stephanie Sanders, William Yarber, Cynthia Graham
Panel: Over two decades of research from the Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team

Day 2

Kinsey Institute Executive Director, Justin Garcia
Susan Stiritz
Greetings from the (Masters & Johnson) Specialization in Sexual Health and Education, The Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis

India Thusi
Policing Sex

Zoë Peterson, Jennifer Barber, and Kristen Jozkowski 
Panel: Sexual Consent, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Assault

Gregory Lewis
The impact of traumatic stress on sexual health is reflected in the brain-heart connection

Kenneth R. Haslam, MD Relationship Diversity Award
Amy Moors, with Introduction by Amanda Gesselman
Three misconceptions about consensual non-monogamy explained

Helen Fisher, Justin Garcia, Amanda Gesselman
Love and Sex in the Digital Age: Singles in America

Short Talks: Current Research by Kinsey Institute Early Career Scientists

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