Kinsey Institute Spring-Summer 2022 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

June 30 Application deadline for Scholars of Sexology Fellowship and Gina Ogden Curatorial Scholarship

Ongoing: Exhibition: Bettina Rheims: Everything All At Once

Aug 5-Sept 23: Exhibition: Wild Horse Running: The Courageous Journey of Tom Fox

October 1-2: Applications open for Fall CME course: Gender, Sexuality, and Medicine: An introduction to LGBTQ+ competent care.

Our 75th Anniversary Historical Review features highlights of 75 years of sex research history at Indiana University.

Our 75th Anniversary Historical Review

Highlights of 75 years of sex research at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.

Polyamory in the U.S.

Researchers are exploring the prevalence of non-traditional forms of relationships in America.

The Alfred Kinsey Legacy Sculpture

A work-in-progress preview of the artwork to be unveiled in September 2022 on IU's Bloomington campus.

The Joanne E. Passet Collection

Award-winning author Joanne Passet recovers the lost history of lesbian artists, academics, and activists.

Recent Research & Publications

Campbell JT, Adams OR, Bennet-Brown M, Wodward B, Gesselman AN, and Carter G. (2022). PrEP Familiarity, Interest, and Usage Among 364 Black and Hispanic Adults in Indiana. Frontiers in Public Health, May 2022. DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.810042

Crawford BL, LaRoche KJ, and Jozkowski K. (2022). Examining Abortion Attitudes in the Context of Gestational Age. Social Science Quarterly, May 2022. DOI: 10.1111/ssqu.13157

Fornicola E and Peterson ZD. (2022). An Exploratory Study of Sexual Aggression Tactics as a Function of Perpetrator Gender and Victim Gender. International Journal of Sexual Health. DOI: 10.1080/19317611.2022.2053027

Newsom KD, Carter GA, Hille JJ. (2022). Assessing Whether Medical Students Consistently Ask Patients About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as a Function of Year in Training. LGBT Health. 9(2):142-147. DOI: 10.1089/lgbt.2021.0109

Selected Media

"Are you Polysexual? Here’s What It Means, and How to Tell." Men’s Health, May 31.

"Is it healthy to have sex? Is daily sex healthy? Experts answer Googled questions about sex." USA Today, May 15.

"Can We Fall Out of Love?" New York Times, April 22.

"Is the Next Phase of Sex Positivity Choosing Not To Have Sex?" Vogue, April 9.

SAVE THE DATE: September 6-7

The Kinsey Institute 75th Anniversary Research Symposium in Bloomington will feature lectures by current and past Kinsey Institute researchers, and appearances by recent research award fellows, and more!

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