Kinsey Today

Winter 2016 - Volume 20, Number 1

Fall Events

Now-2/13:  Bring Your Own Body exhibit continues at the Glass Curtain Gallery in Chicago.

2/14: Love Songs for a Lasting World celebrates love in all its forms - at the Buskirk Chumley Theater, Bloomington.

3/3: Join us at the IU Cinema for a free screening of The Danish Girl, with special guests.

Film director John Waters visited the Kinsey Institute collections last fall. Pictured here with Librarian Liana Zhou.

Historian Judith Allen Takes A New Look at The "Kinsey Reports"

As the inaugural College Arts & Humanities Institute Fellow, Dr. Allen will trace how Kinsey's methods evolved from the 1948 book to the 1953 female volume

Research on Immunity and Ovulation Reveals Biological, Economic and Sexual Interactions

New studies in Indiana and Bolivia shed light on factors that affect fertility and health measures

From the Source: Producer and Writer of The Danish Girl to Present at the IU Cinema

Producer Gail Mutrux (Kinsey) and author David Ebershoff will be our guests at the IU Cinema Screening of The Danish Girl, March 3

New and Noteworthy: Selected Research Publications

Kinsey Institute researchers investigate gender diversity, reproductive functioning, sexual violence and trauma, and intimate relationships

Honoring Our Volunteers

Grateful recognition to the students and community members who contribute to the work of the Kinsey Institute

Visiting Scholars Delve into Transgender Health Policy and Intersex Representation

Two of this winter's Kinsey library scholars share their research experience

Kinsey Institute Undergoing Brand Refresh

A new look and a new logo for a new year

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