Kinsey Institute Newsletter Fall 2023

Upcoming Events

December 4 - April 29  Bettina Rheims: Everything All At Once
WEAM, Miami, Florida

December 15. Applications open for 2024 Scholars of Sexology Fellowship and Ogden Curatorial Scholarship.

February 15, 2024. Application deadline for 2024 Scholars of Sexology Fellowship and Ogden Curatorial Scholarship.

Dr. Stephanie Sanders

Announcing the Cynthia Plaster Caster Collection

The collection documents rock & roll history in artwork, diaries ,and rock memorabilia from this renowned artist.

Dr. Stephanie Sanders Appointed Research Director

Beginning July 1st, Dr. Sanders will oversee research activities at the Kinsey Institute.

Research Brief: Fetal Development Markers and Abortion Attitudes

Do fetal development markers influence people's attitudes toward the legality of abortion?

Collections Highlight: The Bullwinkle's Mural

A new item in our Special Collections celebrates local Bloomington LGBTQ+ history and culture


Recent Research & Publications

Bennett‐Brown, M., Kaufman, E. M., Marcotte, A. S., & Gesselman, A. N. (2023). Cam Site Clients’ Perceptions of Changes to Their Communication Skills: Associations with Psychological Need Fulfillment. Sexuality and Culture.  

Campbell, J. T., Piazza, M., & Gesselman, A. N. (2023). Differences in the importance of romantic structures among transgender and cisgender adults during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 17(10).  

Kılıç, D., Armstrong, H., & Graham, C. A. (2023). The Role of Mutual Masturbation within Relationships: Associations with Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Self-Esteem. International Journal of Sexual Health, 1–20.  

Marazziti, D., Carter, C. S., Carmassi, C., Della Vecchia, A., Mucci, F., Pagni, G., Carbone, M. G., Baroni, S., Giannaccini, G., Palego, L., & Dell’Osso, L. (2023). Sex matters: The impact of oxytocin on healthy conditions and psychiatric disorders. Comprehensive Psychoneuroendocrinology, 13, 100165.  

Peterson, Z. D., Carver, D. N., Klann, E. M., Gesselman, A. N., Akers, B. M., & Garcia, J. R. (2023). Sexual harassment and assault in public spaces: individual vulnerability and contextual risk factors. Sex Roles.  

 Vanterpool, K. B., Yarber, W. L., Rosenberg, M., Mowatt, R. A., & Garcia, J. R. (2023). Concurrent partnerships among Black women in United States. Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, 9(3–4), 79–91.  

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Selected Media

When Your Significant Other Has Four Legs and Fur. November 16, New York Times.

What do rage rooms have to do with sex? A whole lot, it turns out. November 15, USA Today.

Does space romance make NASA cringe? It's complicated.  November 11,

Couple in Polyamorous Relationship for 20 Years Share Their One Single Rule.  November 11, Newsweek.

How Simply 'Feeling Safe' Can Make Us Healthier And More Productive.  November 3, Entrepreneur.

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