2021 Media Coverage

Media coverage of the Kinsey Institute, and podcast and interviews featuring Kinsey Institute faculty or staff.

Podcasts and Interviews

The Wisdom of Trauma (film). Includes interview with Dr. Stephen Proges on the polyvagal nerve and trauma research. July/August.

"Problematic Fantasies, with Dr. Justin Lehmiller." Savage Love Podcast, Episode 763, June 11.

"Should We Really Expect A "Hot Vax Summer"?" The Takeaway, NPR, May 19.

The Future of Sex and Relationships. Sex & Psychology podcast, Episode 30, Apr 15.

"Commitment & The End of Hookup Culture." Dates and Mates podcast, Apr 13.

"Scandalous! Cosmo's Jessica Pels & Esquire's Michael Sebastian on Sex After COVID." Julie Mason Mornings, SyriusXM, Apr 7.

"The Future of Sex feat. Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Jessica Pels." Girls Gotta Eat podcast, Apr 5.


News Articles

"Listen to the AMA and remove sex labels from birth certificates in Washington state." Seattle Times, August 18.

"The Ex Factor: Why are we all so obsessed with what might have been?" Evening Standard, Aug 9.

"How To Get A Nipple Orgasm? Tips For Filling The ‘Orgasm Gap’ And Making Her Turn On," WomansEra.com, August 9.

"Why I Refuse to Label My Sexuality." Shape, August 4.

" The 7 Most Popular, and Powerful, Sexual Fantasies." Psychology Today, July 31.

"Sex Parties Are Back." Buzzfeed.com, July 30.

" Bennifer is back, but don’t rush to contact your ex, say experts." The Guardian, July 30.

"Has The One-Night Stand Lost Its Appeal For Young Women?" Refinery29.com, July 28.

"Better for You Than Porn: Why Men Are Reading Romance Novels." Esquire, July 27.

" Love And Sex With Many: Research On The Health And Wellness Of Consensual Non-Monogamy." Forbes, July 13.

" Vaxed And Waxed? How To Prepare For And Protect Yourself During 'The Summer Of Sex'."  Essence, July 7.

" Lemuel Watson: IU Anti-Racist Leader."  Bloom Magazine, July 2.

" Sex is back, but it’s going to be different – and hot." The Guardian, June 27.

" 7 Ways to Reset Your Relationship." New York Times, June 16.

" Why Some People Never Masturbate." PsychologyToday.com, June 11.

" How Dating Apps Feed Into Racism, Sexism, and “Rape Culture."" Slate.com, June 4.

Britain to enjoy 'summer of sex' as 'vaxxed and waxed' singles come out of lockdown.” Daily Star (UK), May 29.

" A Guide to Understanding Your Libido." Vogue, May 25.

Are we heading towards a summer of sex?” BBC.com, May 25.

" Declining birthrate means hard times ahead for colleges." Washington Post, May 21. (Republished in The Philadephia Inquirer, May 22.)

" The search for the perfect condom." BBC, Apr 24.

" Post-Pandemic Life? It's Not About Gettin' Some -- It's About Finding Someone." MediaVillage, Apr 22.

" Inside the Post-Pandemic Bedroom."   Esquire, Mar 30.

" According to This Big-Deal Data, Your Post-Pandemic Sex Life Is Going to Be…Interesting."   Cosmopolitan, Mar 30.

" How Tech Will Change Sex and Intimacy, for Better and Worse . " Wall Street Journal, Mar 15.

" Not tonight, darling: If you’ve lost your libido in lockdown, here’s how to get it back . " Irish Times, Mar 9.

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