2022 Media Coverage

Selected media coverage of the Kinsey Institute, and podcast and interviews featuring Kinsey Institute faculty or staff.

Podcasts and Interviews

"India Thusi on Sex Work, Critical Race Theory, and Moral Progress." The Michael Shermer Show , episode #309 (podcast). December 6.

"Law, Sex Work And Social Justice." The Law and Justice Podcast, Mar 9. Interview with Dr. India Thusi.

"A broken heart is more physical than you think (Rebroadcast)." 1A Podcast (NPR), Mar 8. Interview guests include Dr. Justin Garcia.

"Models for Human Sexual Response." Wellbeing Wednesdays Podcast, Mar 2.


News Articles

"‘Nobody Wants to Get Pregnant:’ The End of Roe Is Ruining America’s Sex Life" Vice.com, November 16.

"What Do Single People Want Now? Deeper Connections, More Substance" Wall Street Journal, November 15.

"How Do I Tell My Partner(s) I Have an STI?" Hypebae.com, November 14.

"The Kinsey Institute celebrates 75 years" Noon Edition, NPR, September 21.

"Three Findings That Changed the Way We Think About Sex." Wall Street Journal, September 7.

"‘A Decade of Fruitless Searching’: The Toll of Dating App Burnout." New York Times, August 31.

"Indiana’s Kinsey-Kelley Center Hopes To Move The Needle On Workplace Inequities" Poets & Quants, July 8.

"What’s The Deal With Baby Talk In Relationships?" Refinery29, July 5.

"‘The worst-case scenario’: what IU experts have to say about a post-Roe world." Indiana Daily Student, June 27.

"Can We Fall Out of Love?" New York Times, April 19. (Reprinted in Economic Times [India], May 2.)

Sex survey: 39% of people who had never used sex toys before the pandemic now do." Yahoo News (Yahoo.com), April 19.

Why You Get Butterflies In Your Stomach When Falling In Love." Shape, April 14.

"Studie legt ongelijke rechten in de slaapkamer bloot die mannen vaker laten klaarkomen dan vrouwen." HLN (Netherlands), Mar 16.

"My sex life was ruined by the pandemic." The Sun (UK), Mar 8.

"A Love for the Ages." Deseret News, Mar 5.

"Here’s what your sexual fantasy actually means." Oh! mymag, Mar 5.

"New Yorkers are making hundreds of noise complaints over loud sex." The Independent, Mar 1.

"¿Qué pasa cuando un hombre no ha tenido relaciones sexuales? " Glamour (Mexico), Feb 23.

"Do vagus nerve exercises help anxiety? Murky science complicates a wellness trend." Inverse.com, Feb 23.

"What Actually Counts As Cheating In The Metaverse?" Bustle.com, Feb 18.

"Qu’est-ce qui compte comme triche dans le métaverse ? Les experts pèsent." Fr.TechTribune.net, Feb 18.

"These women found love online. The scam cost them ‘everything.’" Houston Chronicle, Feb 17.

"How COVID-19 Ushered in a Queer Cybersex Renaissance." NewNowNExt.com, Feb 16.

"Sexual burnout: how the pandemic has impacted our sex drive, and what we can do to get it back." Stylist, Feb 16.

"Pandemic shifts priorities of singles toward commitment, stability." KARE 11 (NBC), Feb 15.

"Eight LGBTQ+ scientists you should know about." The Strand, Feb 15.

"Unlocking the Love Code." Psychology Today, Feb 14.

"Why Are We Addicted To Love?" Discover, Feb 14.

"The Paradox of Slow Love." The Atlantic, Feb 14.

"10 amorous animals that mate for life." National Geographic, Feb 14.

"Valentine’s Day’s spending boost is a sign of the changing ad landscape." Emarketer.com, Feb 14.

"Le couple survivra-t-il au virus ?" La Presse (Canada), Feb 13.

"A form of exercise? The science of why we kiss." Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 13.

"Love is separate, sex is separate. Why scientists distinguish between physical attraction and falling in love." The Saxon, Feb 13.

"Diddling while Rome burns: How sex party purveyors survived the pandemic." Salon, Feb 13.

"What Men Really Want in Bed." Fatherly.com, Feb 11.

"How TikTok’s pupil test works, and what it tells us about love and attraction." WHYY (PBS/NPR), Feb 11.

"How a glitch on a dating app brought one couple together." WHYY (NPR), Feb 11.

"The death of the one-night stand — why millennials aren’t having casual sex anymore." Evening Standard, Feb 10.

"Love scams skyrocketing, cost Floridians $40M annually." New York Post, Feb 10.

"Love Misfired." Salt Lake City Weekly, Feb 9.

"Tampa Bay women found love online. The scam cost them ‘everything’." Tampa Bay Times, Feb 9.

"12 Things People Get Wrong About Relationships." Psychology Today, Feb 7.

"The New Secret to Online Dating Success? Your Voice." Wall Street Journal, Feb 2.

"This Is Your Brain on Heartbreak." The Atlantic, Feb 1.

"We are way past the 'hook-up era': Dating trends during the pandemic." MoneyControl.com, Jan 29.

"Why Am I So Horny? Your High Sex Drive, Explained." Prevention, Jan 27.

"How Erotic Fantasy Can Reignite Your Sex Life." Psychology Today, Jan 26.

"How to Define and Discuss Your Relationship Deal Breakers." SELF, Jan 26.

"Sex Toy Take-Off And COVID-19 Fear." Forbes, Jan 26.

"Mindfulness During Sex Means More Orgasms — Here’s What to Know." AskMen.com, Jan 25.

"Porn VR : le nombre d’utilisation triple entre 2019 et 2021." Realite-Virtuelle.com, Jan 19.

"The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide Based On Your Relationship Status." Instyle.com, Jan 19.

"Couple: ces signes qui montrent que vous avez trouvé l'âme soeur." L.frii, Jan 18.

"2 ways to improve intimacy when you and your partner have different sex drives, according to a sex researcher." Insider.com, Jan 18.

"[Dash of SAS] Dear Pope Francis, it’s not selfish to not want children." Rappler.com, Jan 17.

"Why Pandemic Promiscuity Is Out—And 'Slow Love' Is In." Reason.com, Jan 4. Video also available.

"THE JOY OF (NO) SEX: Celibacy could be the latest dating trend ." Toronto Sun, Jan 2.

"Real-Life Relationship Advice for Pandemic Times." Wall Street Journal, Jan 2.


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