Sexual Assault Research: Prevention

The ultimate goal of sexual assault research is to inform effective prevention aimed at reducing rates of sexual assault. Researchers at Kinsey use their research to guide prevention efforts by creating and evaluating their own interventions and writing scholarship aimed at guiding others’ intervention approaches.


Selected Publications

Ham, L. S., Hurd, L. E., Wolkowicz, N. R., Wiersma-Mosley, J. D., Bridges, A. J., & Jozkowski, K. N. (2022). Bystander intoxication and appraisal of sexual assault risk: A field study of emerging adult bargoers. Emerging Adulthood, 10, 1430-1439.

Jozkowski, K.N. (2022). Sexual consent and the prevention of sexual aggression. In Orchowski, L.M., & Berkowitz, A. (Eds). Engaging Boys and Men in Sexual Assault Prevention: Theory, Research, and Practice.

Marcantonio, T. L., Leone, R., O’Neil, A. M., & Jozkowski, K. N. (2023). A qualitative analysis of sexual and gender minority men’s bystander behaviors and barriers during male-to-male sexual violence experience. Psychology of Violence. Online ahead of print.

Peterson. Z. D. (2018). Teen and young adult sexual desire and the importance of yes. In C. B. Travis & J. W. White (Eds.), APA Handbook on the Psychology of Women, Vol. I (pp. 273-295). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Wong, Y. J., McDermott, R., Zounlome, N., Klann, E., & Peterson, Z. D. (2022). Self-persuasion: An experimental evaluation of a sexual aggression prevention intervention for U.S. college men. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 37(5-6), 2037-2061.

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