Sexual Assault Research: Victims’ Experiences

Kinsey Institute faculty’s research on victims’ experiences of sexual assault elucidates:

(1) the prevalence of sexual assault,

(2) common contexts for sexual assault,

(3) how sexual assault impacts victims, and

(4) how we can better help and support victims in recovering after sexual assault experiences.

Selected Publications

Artime, T. M., McCallum, E., & Peterson, Z. D. (2014). Men’s acknowledgement of their sexual victimization experiences. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 15(3), 313-323.

Canan, S. N., Haus, K. R., Wiersma-Mosely, J. D., & Jozkowski, K. N. (2023). Familial support and reporting to their families: A two-sample study of LGBT sexual violence. LGBTQ+ Family: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 19(1), 54-69.

Canan, S.N., Kaplan, A., & Jozkowski, K.N. (2022). Comparing rates of sexual assault between panel quota and social media samples containing an overrepresentation of lesbian and bisexual women. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 37 (21-22),

Canan, S. N., Kaplan, A., & Jozkowski, K.N. (2022). A national U.S. study of 906 women’s qualitative accounts of their own reactions during sexual assault. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. Online ahead of print.

Holloway, J., Klein, T., Wiersma-Mosley, J.D., Jozkowski, K. N., Terrell, A., & James, L. (2022). Experiences of sexual assault and rape among college students with disabilities. Journal of American College Health. Online ahead of print. http:///

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Kern, S. G., Peterson, Z. D., Jozkowski, K. N., & Gerstein, E. (2022). Psychological symptoms associated with sexual victimization experiences: Differences as a function of the type and number of sexual acts and aggressive tactics. Journal of Sex Research. Online ahead of print.

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